Brando is a member of the No Wimp's Armwrestling group that train out of Greenville, MI. He has performed Strongman Feats like ripping a deck of cards the normal way, the long way, in thirds, rip decks of cards in 6 seconds, roll frying pans, and bend nails.

2014 American Armsport Association's National Armwrestling Tournament. Buffalo, NY

2014 American Armsport Association's National Armwrestling Tournament. Buffalo, NY

In 2014, At 5 months into training, Brando took 3rd place right and left in the Novice Class at the AAA (American Armsport Association) Nationals in Buffalo, NY. At the same event Brando was part of the Winning Team (Team Michigan) (along with his father) that Won the Team Trophy. 

Brando has competed at some of the major events the WAL (World Armwrestling League) (feat. on ESPN2) has put on. Winning a couple of there Qualifying Events for there Regionals.

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In August of 2016, at The Michigan State Armwrestling Championships Brando, and His Father were named Michigan Arms Armwrestler's of The Year. For all the work they put in at there practices, and for opening The No Wimps Dojo for pullers to come practice. 

In November of 2016, Brando won Right Handed at a Rockwell Open Armwrestling Tournament, that Travis "The Beast" Bagent set up. He won a Rockwell Fitness Watch, and a chance to compete to win a contract for $500 a month for 6-months. He has done this all in a little over two years in the sport, and cant wait to see where it takes him.

In 2017, Brando started a New Blog where he covers Diet, Nutrition, Health, Fitness, and Exercise.