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Boost Your Energy Naturally!

Lack of energy is something that almost all of us experience, some on a more regular basis than others. This has resulted in increased dependance on stimulating compounds such as caffeine, to maintain our daily lifestyles. From the coffee we brew in the morning to the energy drinks or soft drinks that we consume throughout the day to keep us going. Caffeine has become a fuel that many run on and desperately need. While caffeine itself may not be harmful, the other ingredients that tag along in some of these beverages definitely are!

This Superfood Plant Protein Is Way Better Than Whey!

One of the best traits that we have as a species is our ability to adapt over time and evolve. As we learn new things and gather new information and ideas, our outlook on the world changes along with our lifestyles. This can be seen in many areas of our daily lives, the big ones like technology and modern medicine have changed the way we live and how long we live for drastically. This is breakthrough science and innovation that we should be extremely proud of and embrace. We should also look to these practices and apply the same model to our diet and nutrition. The more knowledge we learn about the effects of certain foods, the more we should evolve our diet. This is something that MorelliFit and it’s founder Micheal Morelli have done by eliminating their “Whey Protein” and replacing it with a clean, smooth and delicious “Superfood Plant Protein!" This was a result of the new information on how dairy effects the body and Micheal Morelli’s decision to evolve his diet and the diets of others along the way!

Use The Power of Mother Nature To Fight Off The Cold & Flu!

Winter is coming! That means cold and flu season will be coming right along with it. Yes, that dreaded time of year where runny noses and coughs run rampant throughout work places, schools and supermarkets. When liquid hand sanitizer is used as if it were holy water to expel these evil flu demons. This is also the time of year a lot of antibiotics are prescribed and lots of over-the-counter cold and flu medicines are sold. These antibiotics can devastate your healthy gut bacteria, which can cause all sorts of health problems. The over-the-counter cold medicines are very popular and readily available. While some may think this is a great thing, it has lead to the abuse and misuse of these medicines by both adults and teenagers alike. Luckily these things can all be avoided through the power of mother natures herbal plant medicines!

Relieve Your Pain The Natural Way!

We have all seen those infomercials on the latest and greatest prescription drugs, designed to mask the symptoms of all your health problems. Hopefully we have all also listened to the long list of side effects and complications that can occur from taking these prescribed drugs. Of the drugs that are prescribed, pain relieving are one of the most common. Risk factors of these drugs can range from addiction and abuse to a 50% increased chance of having a heart attack with common pain-relievers, including ibuprofen! No worries, mother nature has our back. She provides us with plenty of natural pain relieving options that come without the added risks!

These New Superfood Reds Will Have You Feeling Like Superman!

Do you have trouble focusing throughout the day? Or find yourself feeling drained and you still have 6 hours left to go? Have no fear, the "New Superfood Reds" are here! Not only does this blend of superfoods help with your mental clarity, focus and overall energy, but it also helps detox the body, fight aging, while boosting your metabolism and immune system along the way!

You'll Be Breaking Chains With These Branched-Chains!

If you or anyone that you know is into health and fitness, then there is a good chance that you have heard of “BCAA’s”. While you have probably heard about them there are still a few questions that you may have. What they are? Where they come from? Or why you would even need them? I’ll answer all these questions and more, showing you how you’ll be breaking chains with these branched-chains!

Beat The Heat, Hydrate & Repeat!

Most of us love being outdoors on a nice summer day. From trips to the beach, to hiking in the woods, and everything in between. It's nice to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, whats not so nice is the heat that comes along with it! Heat that can make us feel tired and worn down, and even make us sweat enough to deplete our bodies of essential mineral electrolytes

Luckily mother nature provides ways to stay cool and beat the heat naturally! I will cover various simple, but effective ways to beat the heat while outdoors. As well as natural ways to rehydrate and replenish your body after a long hot day! So, lets get to it!

Feel Like A Superhero With These Superfoods!

I'm sure by now, you have all heard about superfoods. But what exactly is a superfood? And what makes them so super to begin with? Are they plants that were exposed to mass radiation, giving them super abilities to fight crime? Or are they aliens from another planet, possessing otherworldly powers? I will break down some of my favorite superfoods in detail to try and answer these very questions.

The Natural Path To The Fountain of Youth?

With the everyday advancements in modern science and medicine, such as stem cell technology, genetics and aging research, is seems as though humanity is on the path to eternal life. This path however, sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. Is there another way to slow aging, heal the body and stay youthful without feeling like a lab rat or guinea pig? Luckily mother nature provides us with amazing superfoods and herbs, which combined with other practices and techniques, can lead to slower aging, faster recovery and a more youthful looking body. All without becoming the Frankenstein Monster!

Detox & Debloat Your Body

Just as all people are created equal, we equally share in a common problem. That day when our favorite clothes no longer fit. When you can't wear your favorite pair of jeans for a night out or you just look in the mirror and don't know where the extra baggage came from.

Fasting for Fitness: Brando's Keys to Intermittent Fasting

Im sure by now you have been seeing the trending articles on twitter, facebook and other social media about fasting and fasting mimicking diets. So is that all fasting is? Just a trend? Or is there actual science and studies that prove the benefits of this trend? In this article I will break down the hype, studies and science behind fasting and fasting mimicking diets, like intermittent fasting. I will also explain how I use it everyday and my keys to making it as beneficial as possible!