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Third Annual Fallen Heroes Arm Wrestling Tournament

  • Dirty Harry's Live Music Bar 3100 Southwest State Route 7 Blue Springs, Missouri, 64014 United States (map)

Hosted by Ryan Johnston

Third annual Fallen Heroes Arm Wrestling Tournament.

Clear your calendars, this year will be even bigger and better than last year.

100% of all the proceeds go to support a worthy organization, SAFE, like the last two years.

Super matches so far:
Robby Burnett vs. Steven Green - Right Hand - $500
Mike Ayello vs. Bruce Jones - Right Hand
Brian Sitton vs. Michael Ware - Right Hand
Kevin Nelson vs. Bill Logsdon - Left Hand
Kody Spur Merritt vs. Bruce Jones - Left Hand

1.) SAFE has approved our event to be run in conjunction with their organization. So, for the third year in a row, all proceeds will go to first responders' families that have fallen in the line of duty.

2.) Joseph W Drellack will be coming to film and produce incredibly high quality footage of the event through NBK Media Productions. Be sure to like their page, youtube channel, and anything else possible to be up to date with the footage he is shooting throughout the year, and be ready to see the footage of the event when he gets done filming and editing!

Tentative Tournament Schedule:

Weigh ins - 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Weigh ins and Registration - 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Amateur Tournament - 12:00 pm-2:00 pm
Super Matches - After Amateur Tournament concludes
Pro Tournament - 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Pro and Amateur Weight Classes:

Kids classes:
9 and under, 10-13, and 14-18

Masters Classes (45+):
200 and under

Women's Classes: TBD

If you pull amateur, I will let you pull a pro class for $15. So, if you pull 2 amateur classes, you can pull 2 pro classes in addition to the amateur classes for $30.

This will be a very tough tournament. If you are a borderline pro puller, meaning you don't win every local event you enter, I strongly encourage you to enter an amateur class. If you don't want to enter your weight at amateur, enter a higher weight class and get some extra work. There will be a lot of talent here, and the amateur awards are very nice for this exact reason. I wanted the awards to reflect the difficulty of the event, even for amateurs.

We will be using a WAL set up with a "READY GO", as well as WAF rules. So, no running fouls, slips in a losing position lose, elbow fouls in a losing position lose, and so on. Super matches will be deciding their own rules.

All Participants: 
Bronze Donation: $40 - Receive 1 entry in a Pro or Amateur class, as well as a shirt of your choosing (If you already have purchased a shirt, wear it on the day of the event and you will receive $5 off your entry).
Silver Donation: $65 - Receive 2 entries in Pro or Amateur, as well as a shirt of your choosing (If you already have purchased a shirt, wear it on the day of the event and you will receive $5 off your entry fees).
Gold Donation: $75 - 2 entries in Pro or Amateur, as well as 2 shirts of your choosing (If you already purchased a shirt, wear it to the event and receive another shirt and 2 entries for $55).

Amateur Participants:
Amateur Gold Donation: $80 - 4 Amateur Classes or 2 Amateur and 2 Pro.
Platinum Donation: $100 - 2 Amateur classes and 2 Pro classes or 4 amateur classes, as well as 2 shirts of your choosing (See above if you have a shirt, $80 in addition to wearing your shirt the day of the event).

These are just suggestions. This is a charity tournament to raise money for a great organization that does a lot of good. If you have extra money and want it to go to a good cause, I encourage you to donate a little extra!

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